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Space Huggers

Category : Action

The empire is spreading like a plague across the galaxy and building outposts on remote planets. You are an elite rebel soldier tasked with wiping out those bases. Explore strange planets using your tools of destruction and eliminate the invaders! You have only 10 clones left, 3 more will be replenished after each mission. Good luck, have fun, and give space a hug for me.

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Enjoy over 100 high-quality games and immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience, playing alongside friends and becoming part of the largest community of gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network.

Demonstrate your skills on the battlefield, embark on thrilling co-op adventures, and unleash your creativity by building imaginative worlds. With a vast array of games from every genre and continuous additions to the collection, there's always something fresh and exciting to play.

Access the cloud and enjoy the convenience of playing 100+ console games on your PCs, phones, and tablets, granting you the freedom to game wherever you go.

Discover a steady stream of brand new games available daily on Play Fusion Studio, alongside a curated selection of indie gems and blockbuster titles, ensuring a diverse and constantly evolving gaming library.


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Indie developers often face difficulties when it comes to identifying suitable platforms for publishing their games.

To ensure maximum reach and impact, understanding the standard pricing for games, publisher shares, and strategies to secure your game's placement on the front page becomes crucial for achieving success.

By choosing to publish your game on Play Fusion, you not only gain access to a platform but also benefit from complimentary advertising, valuable feedback, and the potential to generate a steady stream of revenue.


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